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Is there really ever anything new under the sun?

Nature has always been Sun’s inspirational companion.

At their core, each piece of furniture finds its original inspiration from nature.
Inspiration may be a visible object or just a momentary ephemeral experience… however both have a greater purpose. Design motives, captured in their most fundamental form, are developed into something simple enough to be termed “modern” yet illustrative enough to evoke personal experiences from one’s memory. Sun’s designs are interpreted from a refreshingly new angle and attitude. Each piece of Sun becomes reflective memorabilia of all of our lives.

The teams of detail minded woodworkers and artisan finishers are the driving force behind the meticulous craftsmanship and success of the Sun Furniture Collection. With all components of manufacturing completed in our own facility, every piece of furniture is closely controlled, customization is everyday work and quality assurance is guaranteed .

Inspiration that reflects life is a gift through design.

Sun Furniture celebrates living; it is our gift to you.

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Los Angeles

Design Alliance LA
510 W. 6th St. #1100
Los Angeles, CA 90014
T. 213-229-9799
E. dala@designalliancela.com
New York

Savel Inc. / Andrea Elish
979 Third Avenue, Suite 1819
New York, NY 10022
T. 213-229-9799
E. andrea@designalliancela.com

David Tate
Pompano Beach, FL 33060
T. 954-658-8830
E. david@designalliancela.com
San Francisco

Sloan Miyasato
2 Henry Adams St. Suite 207
San Francisco, CA 94103
T. 415-431-1465
E. info@sloanm.com

Egg & Dart
595 S. Broadway, Denver Design Center, Suite 110
East Denver, Colorado 80209
T. 303-744-1676
E. information@egg-and-dart.com

Allan Knight & Associates
150 Turtle Creek Blvd. Suite 101
Dallas TX 75207
T. 214-741-2227
E. bdavis@allan-knight.com



510 W 6th St. #1100
Los Angeles, CA90014
213 627 7271

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